Working with

We're passionate about creating a more kind and conscious world... this starts with how we work as a team.


  • We celebrate excellence, integrity, passion and the desire to grow and contribute to an organisation that is helping improve people’s lives.

  • Our team operates remotely. We have developed a workflow and structure to support team connection and good communication, which ensures everyone is on the same page and we're playing to our strengths.

  • We offer flexible work hours, have a culture of getting things done and not necessarily sitting behind a screen for the standard 9 to 5 work day. Want to pick your kid(s) up after school? Go for it. The wind, swell and tide have all suddenly lined up for a surf? Lucky you.

  • If in-person work is required, then we’re only a flight away (eg product sprints).

  • We also connect in person at least once a year for a team retreat.

  • We offer professional and personal development opportunities.



Current Openings


 We'll be expanding our team in 2019 so if you're inspired by our vision and are looking to make an impact in the world, please check back soon for upcoming job opportunities.