Mindfulness and Who Do I Believe

0 Comment by / May 3, 2014 / Posted in Mindful Leadership, Mindfulness

The paths to enlightenment are as numerous as there are people. Some gain it in an instant. Others struggle for years. Some never attain it. Carl Sagan in this interview with Charlie Rose touches on this topic of learning what we need to learn. He speaks to our need to be educated (life-long learners) and […]

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The Many Paths To Mindfulness

0 Comment by / October 29, 2012 / Posted in Mindful Leadership, Mindfulness

Years ago, I first came across an introductory page in a book by Ida Rolf with the title: Admonition For 1977. It’s one of those pieces that has sat in the back of my mind over the past 35 years, especially when I get tangled up in my own righteousness and knowing. At the time […]

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Mindfulness In Congress & Our Nation: A Most Difficult Task

0 Comment by / August 16, 2012 / Posted in Meditation, Mindful Business, Mindful Leadership, Oz Archives

Having watched Captain Jack, the story of lobbyist, Jack Abrahamoff, played by Kevin Spacey, I am appreciative of the work that Tim Ryan champions in his work: A Mindful Nation: How a Simple Practice Can Help Us Reduce Stress, Improve Performance, and Recapture the American Spirit. It is an amazing journey that we are on […]

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Lee Thayer on Leadership Virtuosity: Steps To Being Mindful

0 Comment by / October 31, 2011 / Posted in Mindful Business, Mindful Leadership

Lee Thayer’s Leadership Virtuosity in his series of books on leadership is a must read for all who want to see what is the cost of becoming a virtuoso leader. Some of Lee’s thoughts: The Performing Leader The primary advantage of de-personalizing performance–of making the person’s performance and not his psyche and/or personality the issue–is […]

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Mindful Readings for a Retiring CEO & Anyone Else

0 Comment by / January 3, 2011 / Posted in Mindful Business, Mindful Leadership

A friend of mine and fellow Vistage Chair, Allen Hauge, asked a question about some readings for a retiring CEO. This is what I shared. Here is a short list of books that I think would be helpful to a retiring CEO (was he/she tired the first time?) or anyone else for that matter Also […]

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Leadership Virtuosity: Lee Thayer’s Call for Leaders to be Mindful

0 Comment by / July 27, 2010 / Posted in Mindful Leadership

Lee Thayer’s Leadership Virtuosity is his latest book that is a must read for all who want to see what is the cost of becoming a virtuoso leader. It would be a good idea to remember to re-read Buddha’s Kalama Sutra as a reminder of leadership and followership and now jumping to conclusions. The example […]

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Response to an article on the Running Shoe Debate

1 Comment by / December 13, 2009 / Posted in Mindful Running

The Running Shoe Debate: How Barefoot Runners are Shaping the Shoe Industry By Tyghe Trimble in April 22, 2009 edition of Popular Mechanics http://www.popularmechanics.com/outdoors/sports/4314401.html Debate is taking a stance that one’s ideas are correct and the other side’s are wrong. Discussion comes from the same derivation at concussion and percussion: A hitting up against. In […]

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This Moment/Present Moment: An Idea Worth Spreading by Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, Neuroanatomist

1 Comment by / September 29, 2009 / Posted in Meditation, Mindfulness

What a wonder gift Jill Bolte shares with the world from her TED Presentation She shares her journey of her brain from the inside out as she talks about her stroke. For someone reflecting on Mindfuless, she vividly addresses what life is about: This moment. Present moment.

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Time Span and Being Mindful

0 Comment by / July 13, 2009 / Posted in Mindful Business, Mindful Leadership, Mindfulness

Dear friend and fellow Vistage Chair Tom Foster continues to bring the work of Elliot Jaques to the business community. This little piece about Time Span is helpful in realizing our role in creating the space where we find ourselves. I paraphrase the title of a book, that I often use, written by Jerry Harvey, […]

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Taking a Spirituality Survey Mindfully

0 Comment by / July 8, 2009 / Posted in Meditation, Mindfulness

I thought that some of you might be interested in taking Jonathan Ellerby’s Spirituality Survey. I share the Kalama Sutra and James Hollis’ perspective on Personal Authority to help you help Jonathan “capture a better unbiased understanding of how people experience spirituality in America, and the world.” The Kalama Sutra The Kalama Surta is the […]

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