The World Speaks Constantly. It Takes A Mindful Moment To Hear

1 Comment by / December 9, 2012 / Posted in Breathe, Mindfulness

This was 10 days ago. I am feeling pretty good on the 3 or 4th day after surgery, I was thinking how quickly I could get back to my normal routine and do my groups: Vistage 29/777/687, Lifestyle Change at Integrative Medicine, and the Marathon Clinic. Back to my work of counseling, consulting and coaching. […]

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Mindfulness From The Heart: Loving-Kindness Meditation

1 Comment by / August 23, 2012 / Posted in Mindfulness

We are conditioned by our beliefs. And our thoughts condition us to what we believe. I have enjoyed sharing the saying Marvette Saucer shared with me. She quietly said: “If you want to live your dream; and jolted me as she shouted: “WAKE UP.” Karen Sothers guides many on the journey to calm one’s restless […]

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Some Sharing from Karen Sothers on Mindfulness & Meditation

1 Comment by / September 4, 2011 / Posted in Meditation, Mindfulness

Karen Sothers is a long-time friend and colleague with me at Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine. She has helped numerous people in their healing process through her work with yoga and her Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction classes. She mentions Rick Hanson and you can read more at his Resources for Happiness, Love & Wisdom about […]

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I Want To Write About Slow: A Mindful Moment

1 Comment by / October 31, 2010 / Posted in Mindful Leadership, Mindfulness, The Running Mind

There is more to life than increasing its speed Albert Einstein Slow by Ozzie Gontang I want to write about slow. The faceless clock blinks every second: Now….Now…Now In the present moment there is No fast. No slow. No criticism. No judgment. Just the continued birth Of a new unique moment And another and another. […]

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Playing with Mindful Running and some Mindful Programs

0 Comment by / September 11, 2010 / Posted in Meditation, Mindful Running, Mindfulness, The Running Mind

In replying to Proper Running: Mindful Movement in the Moment, Israel Manas share that he and his colleagues have been practicing Mindfulness during their runs. I look forward to what they are doing, experiencing and learning. You may want to read Israel’s article MINDFULNESS (ATENCIÓN PLENA): LA MEDITACIÓN EN PSICOLOGÍA CLÍNICA or visit his website: […]

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Sharing Mindfulness: A Gift from Juliet Adams

5 Comments by / April 26, 2010 / Posted in Mindfulness

Juliet Adams has just put her website online to gather in one place as much as is possible about mindfulness. You will find it rewarding and rich in content and in a context created with a spirit of Mindfulness. I have just launched a new website to provide information on mindfulness: . It aims […]

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The Mindfulness Project & Mind Body Awareness

0 Comment by / January 5, 2010 / Posted in Meditation, Mindfulness

I was just friended by psychologist Frank Wood in Facebook and came across something he shared yesterday that I thought would be worth sharing regarding Mindfulness. Frank along with fellow psychologist and Mindfulness practitioner Richard Sears have teamed up to create The Mindfulness Project Below is a letter from MBA Co-Founder, Isaiah Seret to the […]

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Neuroscience Research Using Mindfulness Meditation

0 Comment by / July 22, 2009 / Posted in Uncategorized

I stopped by the Neuromarketing website of two friends, Patrick Renvoise and Christophe Morin, who are Vistage speakers. was officially launched in June. They have invited anyone interested in contributing knowledge, thoughts, content to make it better and richer for everyone. If interested you might be interested in joining their neuromarketing community. This video, […]

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Mindfulness: MBSR In West Virginia & the World

0 Comment by / July 12, 2009 / Posted in Meditation, Mindfulness

Here’s a short clip to watch on a research study using Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program in West Virginia. Embedded video from CNN Video You can read the accompanying article: Mindfulness Training Busts Stress If you want to see where there are MBSR program in your area or worldwide check out U. Mass.’s Center […]

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