Both Mindful & Aware of Both/And. So No “Buts” nor Either/ors

1 Comment by / December 16, 2011 / Posted in Mindfulness

One of Mary Lore’s practices in her book “Managing Thought“ is to remove the “But” from one’s conversations and replace it with “and.” Begin to listen to yourself and others. Catch yourself and begin to replace your “but” with “and.” It opens the conversation to possibilities as opposed to cutting them off. The gift of […]

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Mindful Reflection: Living the Questions.

1 Comment by / January 15, 2011 / Posted in Breathe, Mindful Leadership, Mindfulness

Live the questions and life will move you to the answers. Who Am I? What Do I Want? What’s My Purpose?”. Deepak Chopra was speaking on the Dr Oz Show Deepak Chopra said when I reveal my secrets of the aging process the implications are huge. Deepak Chopra says close your eyes and watch your […]

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A Mindful Moment for a friend and loved one: Armon Kamesar

0 Comment by / December 24, 2009 / Posted in Mindful Business, Mindful Leadership

Armon Kamesar was a friend. He was proud that his major in college was Animal Husbandry. It was something that he used throughout his life in his commitment to others and to doing the right thing.  He is missed. I will always remember our walk-and-talks in the early ’80’s. Armon truly lived his life. Music, […]

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Mindfulness, Gratitude & Appreciation=Thankfulness

1 Comment by / November 25, 2009 / Posted in Meditation, Mindful Business, Mindful Leadership, Mindfulness, Uncategorized

Laura Fine taught me what it means to have an Attitude of Gratitude. Appreciation has been shared by so many patients who have been part of the Healing Hearts and Lifestyle Change Program at Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine. These gifts have been shared so deeply by my family and friends over the years. Today […]

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This Moment/Present Moment: An Idea Worth Spreading by Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, Neuroanatomist

1 Comment by / September 29, 2009 / Posted in Meditation, Mindfulness

What a wonder gift Jill Bolte shares with the world from her TED Presentation She shares her journey of her brain from the inside out as she talks about her stroke. For someone reflecting on Mindfuless, she vividly addresses what life is about: This moment. Present moment.

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Sharing a Moment of Mindfulness

0 Comment by / May 25, 2009 / Posted in Mindful Leadership, Mindfulness

A day of remembering and one of gratitude and appreciation. In the United States a moment to be mindful that we are all interconnected and interdependent. Dear friend and fellow Vistage Chair, Larry Cassidy shared his thoughts with us through our bulletin board, Chairnet: Today we will have a small back-yard cookout. Time with family, […]

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Mindful Road Signs

0 Comment by / April 7, 2009 / Posted in Mindfulness

Reminders are everywhere that: Wherever you go, there you are.

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I Found My Heart The Other Day

0 Comment by / February 12, 2009 / Posted in Mindfulness

I share with you the future. The poem that goes with this note comes from my heart through the hands and soul of my youngest daughter a number of years ago: “This was written with you both in mind while I was home… Thank you and I’m forever grateful in your helping to polish my […]

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In Three Words…

1 Comment by / February 9, 2009 / Posted in Mindful Leadership, Mindfulness

The following two poems have touched my soul. They have guided me through the deaths of my dad in ’94, my mom in ’96 and a woman whom I loved who committed suicide in 1993. My brother in 2003, nine years to the day of my father’s death: April 15th, Gontang irony. I have shared […]

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