Mindfulness: Looking at an Attitude of Gratitude

2 Comments by / November 25, 2013 / Posted in Mindfulness

At Thanksgiving it is helpful to remind ourselves of the blessings we are, we give, we have, we receive. We are a moment in time. What contribution do I make to this moment of time in my life and the lives of all those whose lives I touch. This short TED talk on Gratitude touches […]

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Free Mindfulness Teleseminar Series

0 Comment by / September 22, 2011 / Posted in Meditation, Mindfulness

The NICABM National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine is sponsoring a Mindfulness Teleseminar Series from September 28 until November 11th Go here to sign up for this Free Mindfulness Teleseminar Series. Wednesday, September 28th, 5pm ET – Ronald Siegel, PsyD Wednesday, October 5th, 5pm ET – Rick Hanson, PhD Wednesday, October 12th, […]

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Mindful Reflection: Living the Questions.

1 Comment by / January 15, 2011 / Posted in Breathe, Mindful Leadership, Mindfulness

Live the questions and life will move you to the answers. Who Am I? What Do I Want? What’s My Purpose?”. Deepak Chopra was speaking on the Dr Oz Show Deepak Chopra said when I reveal my secrets of the aging process the implications are huge. Deepak Chopra says close your eyes and watch your […]

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2011-Mindfully Going Back To The Beginning

1 Comment by / January 4, 2011 / Posted in Breathe, Meditation, Mindfulness

At the beginning of each year, I am reminded to return to what Mindfulness is about. Awake, aware and fully present. Beginner’s mind. In his book Mindfulness for Dummies, Shamash Alidina, does a wonder presentation of laying out a guide to becoming mindful. …this very moment now, is ultimately the only moment you have. Mindfulness […]

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Mindful Breathing Is A Way Back To Your True Home

1 Comment by / September 21, 2010 / Posted in Breathe, Meditation, Mindfulness

This is from Taming the Tiger Within:Meditations on Transforming Difficult Emotions Every time you feel lost, alienated or cut off from life, or from the world, every time you feel despair, anger, or instability, practice going home. Mindful breathing is the vehicle that you use to go back to your true home Life is available […]

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Thich Nhat Hanh and His Gifts to Mindfulness

0 Comment by / September 13, 2010 / Posted in Breathe, Meditation, Mindfulness

The gifts are so numerous that Thich Nhat Hanh, Thay to his followers, has shared with the world through his presence and his writings. He shares in Taming the Tiger Within: Meditation on Transforming Difficult Emotions Every time you feel lost, alienated, or cut off from life, or from the world, every time you feel […]

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Playing with Mindful Running and some Mindful Programs

0 Comment by / September 11, 2010 / Posted in Meditation, Mindful Running, Mindfulness, The Running Mind

In replying to Proper Running: Mindful Movement in the Moment, Israel Manas share that he and his colleagues have been practicing Mindfulness during their runs. I look forward to what they are doing, experiencing and learning. You may want to read Israel’s article MINDFULNESS (ATENCIÓN PLENA): LA MEDITACIÓN EN PSICOLOGÍA CLÍNICA or visit his website: […]

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Mindful of Relationships: A Tribute to a Critic and a Coach

1 Comment by / August 30, 2010 / Posted in Mindful Business, Mindful Leadership

Lowell Nerenberg has been a dear friend for the many years we traveled as fellow Vistage (formerly TEC) Chairs. When one has a vocation, a calling, “You don’t have a Vision, the Vision has you.” In this blog by Dan Waldschmidt, you see the impact reflected in his writing on hiring his biggest critic as […]

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Mindfulness in Action: Partners101.org

0 Comment by / June 2, 2010 / Posted in Mindful Business, Mindful Leadership, Mindfulness

I have had the privilege of know Jim Vaughan for over 15 years. And through Jim I met his associate and dear friend: Kelly Castor. I have been a champion of their work and an associate of their Life Design work. I have used sections of the Life Design book for over 12 years during […]

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Attitudinal Healing: Mindfulness In Another Key

7 Comments by / April 2, 2010 / Posted in Mindfulness, Uncategorized

The work of Jerry Jampolsky and Diane Cirincione has touched the world one person at a time. Their work spans the globe and the hearts of all those who have practiced the principles Attitudinal Healing This section on their website summarizes and clarifies the principles of Attitudinal Healing …there are numerous areas in which the […]

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