Flight From The Shadow: The Beginning of Mindful Running

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          The Way of Chuang Tzuu Thomas Merton © 1965 Abbey of Gethsemani New Directions Publishing Corp There was a man who was so disturbed by the sight of his own shadow and so displeased with his own footsteps that he determined to get rid of both. The method he hit […]

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Mindfulness: Listening When the World Speaks

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Now almost two months ago, the STOP sign outside my window gave me the message of what to do after my thyroid surgery. Last Sunday, coming in from the garage after the Marathon Clinic, I was thinking of all the things I wanted to get done so I could watch the NFL games. I don’t […]

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Mindfulness In Slow Motion- A Running Question

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The question I raised back in the early 1980’s was: Why Do Runners Heel Strike? I had purchased a Sanyo recorder in 1979 that did slow motion recording in a 20 minute cassette format. It was the beginning of teaching runners about running what I called; Ball/Heel/Ball. If you march in place the ball of […]

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Mindful Running: An Interview with Ozzie

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Here is the link to Jackie Linehan’s web page:The Peaceful Runner where she did an interview with me. The Full Interview: Mindful Running Interview with Ozzie Gontang The first of Jackie’s ten questions: Q. Thank you Ozzie for joining us today. I have to say I really enjoy reading the articles on your website. They […]

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Be Mindful: Silent is hidden in the word “Listen”

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I decided to carry 3 books and a journal with me during Kip’s and my 3 month travel portion of my 4 month Sabbatical. The three books are: Mindfulness for Dummies by Shamash Alidina Leadership: Thinking, Being, Doing by Lee Thayer Claiming Your Place At The Fire: Living The Second Half of your Life on […]

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Mindfulness: An Evolutionary Revolution

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Last night Kip and I were being driven by Dit and our Bangkok guide through rush hour traffic in downtown Bangkok on our way to a traditional Thai dance show. We had visited in the morning the Golden Buddha, the Reclining Buddha and the Jade Buddha. Having just come from China two days before we […]

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Mindful Running: A Practice & A Journey

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These were some of my reflections back in 1998 first titled: Thoughts on Running Observing Thoughts It was a poem I wrote after a run on St. Valentine’s Day. From those thoughts flowed: On the road to Mindful Running Life is the childhood of our immortality Goethe Mindful Mindfulness or being mindful is being aware […]

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I Want To Write About Slow: A Mindful Moment

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There is more to life than increasing its speed Albert Einstein Slow by Ozzie Gontang I want to write about slow. The faceless clock blinks every second: Now….Now…Now In the present moment there is No fast. No slow. No criticism. No judgment. Just the continued birth Of a new unique moment And another and another. […]

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Playing with Mindful Running and some Mindful Programs

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In replying to Proper Running: Mindful Movement in the Moment, Israel Manas share that he and his colleagues have been practicing Mindfulness during their runs. I look forward to what they are doing, experiencing and learning. You may want to read Israel’s article MINDFULNESS (ATENCIÓN PLENA): LA MEDITACIÓN EN PSICOLOGÍA CLÍNICA or visit his website: […]

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Mindful Movement: Green Space Is Important For Mental Health

4 Comments by / May 5, 2010 / Posted in Mindful Running, Mindfulness, The Running Mind

As someone who has run and walked with patients and friends for 35 years, this little article shared by Christine Messier brings out the fact that being in nature quickly brings a person to “present moment, beautiful moment.” What is interesting is that when one is in the present moment there is no cause and […]

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