Some Thoughts & Observations on Breathing

2 Comments by / October 29, 2007 / Posted in Running Form & Style

Some quick thoughts and observations on breathing: 1. Keeping the same cadence, my speed depends on the lean of the body from ankle to the top of the head. The more the lean, the faster I go and the quicker I have to move my foot through its cycle while maintaining the same cadence. 2. […]

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If you’re interested in Movies/DVDs/Videos on Running

0 Comment by / September 4, 2007 / Posted in Running Form & Style

A few years ago someone turned me on to Mark Hale-Brown’s website: .  Mark keeps you up to date on any and all movies, DVDs, and videos that have anything to do with running.  As Mark’s motto says: Your ultimate resource for anything captured on film.You can check out all the films that Mark has […]

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Heel Landing Due To Fear of Falling-Oz GFOFT

0 Comment by / August 26, 2007 / Posted in Running Form & Style

— In, “tim” wrote: > I noticed that in the picture of Ken on the barefoot web page has most of the runners in the back landing heel first. I often ask myself why does something that is incorrect become a thing the majority does. I am guessing it is due to the shoes. […]

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Coaches Who Look at Proper Running Form

1 Comment by / June 14, 2007 / Posted in Mindful Running, Running Form & Style

The following are collection of running coaches who have focused on running form and style. They have shared their thoughts and wisdom through their writings and websites. The caviat being: Runnicus be wareacus. I am more and more leaning to the import of gravity in running and that it is gravity that plays a most […]

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Folklore of Going Sockless

1 Comment by / June 3, 2007 / Posted in Running Form & Style

Folklore of Going Sockless: The Result of a Dialogue with Madeleine Page and Miles Lakin back in 2000 Running sockless can be of great help in learning to run with proper form and style. When the shoe and the foot are moving over the ground at the same rate of speed, there is minimal or […]

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How to make 180 steps/minute feel really slow

0 Comment by / May 29, 2007 / Posted in Running Form & Style

I’ve changed to a faster cadence 180 to 190 and find my speed has increased.Before I used to think about increasing the length of stride to get faster , but now I just think Cadence , cadence , cadence! It will feel strange at first as though you are going slower with baby steps, don’t […]

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The Practice of Yoga and Tai Chi to Improve Running Form and Style

1 Comment by / April 23, 2007 / Posted in Running Form & Style

The Practice of Yoga and Tai Chi to Improve Running Form and Style c.2001 Austin “Ozzie” Gontang, Ph.D., Aleksi Kolehmainen, and Bruce Poston Aleksi Kolehmainen inquired Hi Everybody, Do any of you practice Tai-Chi ? I started taking lessons of Qigong in the beginning of the year and I’ve truly enjoyed those. We have a […]

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