Mindfulness In Congress & Our Nation: A Most Difficult Task

0 Comment by / August 16, 2012 / Posted in Meditation, Mindful Business, Mindful Leadership, Oz Archives

Having watched Captain Jack, the story of lobbyist, Jack Abrahamoff, played by Kevin Spacey, I am appreciative of the work that Tim Ryan champions in his work: A Mindful Nation: How a Simple Practice Can Help Us Reduce Stress, Improve Performance, and Recapture the American Spirit. It is an amazing journey that we are on […]

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Dealing with Interesting Days and Brushes with Death

0 Comment by / January 26, 2009 / Posted in Mindful Running, Oz Archives

© Austin ‘Ozzie’ Gontang, Ph.D. In article to rec.running , CottonPup wrote: Well, when I was out for my usual 6:00 am run today, the unfortunate happened. I was hit by a car that decided not to stop at a stop sign. I spent three hours in the emergency room, and I basically walked away […]

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Seeking Personal Experience & Personal Authority

15 Comments by / April 28, 2007 / Posted in Mindful Business, Mindful Leadership, Mindfulness, Oz Archives, The Running Mind, Uncategorized

Wilfred Bion, the father of group dynamics, said that we are herd or pack animals. While we call ourselves humans, a euphemism for social/herd/pack animals with reflective abilities, we remain open to the power of all the ideas, thoughts, history, family, society, that make up the catch all word: Culture. We have survived by fast […]

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