Mindfulness: An Evolutionary Revolution

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Last night Kip and I were being driven by Dit and our Bangkok guide through rush hour traffic in downtown Bangkok on our way to a traditional Thai dance show. We had visited in the morning the Golden Buddha, the Reclining Buddha and the Jade Buddha. Having just come from China two days before we […]

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ChiRunning: A Practice of Mindful Movement

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I have had the pleasure of knowing Danny and Katherine Dreyer since the mid-90’s when we first communicated by phone and in the news group:rec.running. Danny was beginning to share his practice that combined his love of running and his practice of tai chi. The union by Danny of running and the principles of Tai […]

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Mindfulness: Present Moment. Kairos: Appropriate Time

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Bruce Peters is a dear friend, former fellow Vistage Chairman, host of WCEOhq-Radio, and like me a champion of the work and wisdom of Lee Thayer. Check out his archives with his numerous dialogues with Lee. I wanted to share Bruce’s response which reflects: When the mind is ready, the message appears. Bruce shares: “I […]

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2011-Mindfully Going Back To The Beginning

1 Comment by / January 4, 2011 / Posted in Breathe, Meditation, Mindfulness

At the beginning of each year, I am reminded to return to what Mindfulness is about. Awake, aware and fully present. Beginner’s mind. In his book Mindfulness for Dummies, Shamash Alidina, does a wonder presentation of laying out a guide to becoming mindful. …this very moment now, is ultimately the only moment you have. Mindfulness […]

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Mindfulness: Now, Now, Now, Now, Now

1 Comment by / December 10, 2010 / Posted in Breathe, Meditation, Mindfulness

There is only this moment. An infinity of present moments. A present moment of infinities. A dear friend, Sandy Levin, writer, teacher, artist in stainglass and fused glass, shared with a group of us this morning a piece of her writing as she continues her Writer’s Journey. It was her greeting the sun from Mt […]

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Mindful Breathing Is A Way Back To Your True Home

1 Comment by / September 21, 2010 / Posted in Breathe, Meditation, Mindfulness

This is from Taming the Tiger Within:Meditations on Transforming Difficult Emotions Every time you feel lost, alienated or cut off from life, or from the world, every time you feel despair, anger, or instability, practice going home. Mindful breathing is the vehicle that you use to go back to your true home Life is available […]

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Thich Nhat Hanh and His Gifts to Mindfulness

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The gifts are so numerous that Thich Nhat Hanh, Thay to his followers, has shared with the world through his presence and his writings. He shares in Taming the Tiger Within: Meditation on Transforming Difficult Emotions Every time you feel lost, alienated, or cut off from life, or from the world, every time you feel […]

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A Mindful Journey: Finding a Retreat to Move Forward by Staying Still as a Mountain

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A marvelous website and a work of love and commitment is hosted and gifted to the community by Gregory Martin MA and Pam Parsons Dupuy MA LMFT: Still Mountain: A Guide To Retreats Still Mountain: A Guide to Retreats. Still Mountain is a website committed to providing resources and guidance for people seeking spiritual retreats—helping […]

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Playing with Mindful Running and some Mindful Programs

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In replying to Proper Running: Mindful Movement in the Moment, Israel Manas share that he and his colleagues have been practicing Mindfulness during their runs. I look forward to what they are doing, experiencing and learning. You may want to read Israel’s article MINDFULNESS (ATENCIÓN PLENA): LA MEDITACIÓN EN PSICOLOGÍA CLÍNICA or visit his website: […]

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Timeless Reminders – A Mindfulness-based iPhone App!

3 Comments by / August 20, 2010 / Posted in Breathe, Meditation, Mindfulness

The numbers are pretty staggering when some statistics say that 75% of people in the United States are either moderately or extremely stressed. I’ve also read that it could be almost 90% of the conditions doctors see are related to stress. You will find it interesting to visit Dr. Daniel Friedland’s website , Super Smart […]

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