Sharing Joe Henderson’s Running Commentary

2 Comments by / October 13, 2007 / Posted in The Running Mind

Just wanted to share with you someone that I consider a dear friend. Joe is someone I remember reading in the mid-70’s when I first began to run. He took me through LSD (Long Slow Distance), has been a companion in my thoughts and reflections, and remains one of those people I champion because […]

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Embrace Dragon, Run with Tiger: How Do I Embrace Running

2 Comments by / September 8, 2007 / Posted in The Running Mind

Sara wrote: > I run because I like to do triathlons. I really don’t love it at all–any tips for learning to love this? Potentially, it’s the part of my training that could help me the most, but I just don’t get how runners can love it so much. I’m not injured, I run about […]

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If you’re interested in Movies/DVDs/Videos on Running

0 Comment by / September 4, 2007 / Posted in Running Form & Style

A few years ago someone turned me on to Mark Hale-Brown’s website: .  Mark keeps you up to date on any and all movies, DVDs, and videos that have anything to do with running.  As Mark’s motto says: Your ultimate resource for anything captured on film.You can check out all the films that Mark has […]

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Heel Landing Due To Fear of Falling-Oz GFOFT

0 Comment by / August 26, 2007 / Posted in Running Form & Style

— In, “tim” wrote: > I noticed that in the picture of Ken on the barefoot web page has most of the runners in the back landing heel first. I often ask myself why does something that is incorrect become a thing the majority does. I am guessing it is due to the shoes. […]

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Oz’s Marathoning Rules of Ruin

0 Comment by / June 30, 2007 / Posted in The Running Mind

Some of you remember my story about attempting to do a sub-3 about a month after my first daughter’s birth. I missed it by an hour and 5 minutes. Two weeks later I came back and did a 3:20 in El Toro. See Rule #1. I learned some valuable lessons. Emotions play a significant role […]

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Get Some Running Therapy

0 Comment by / June 26, 2007 / Posted in The Running Mind

From July 2007 edition of Runner’s World” Get Some Running Therapy Exercise-induced happiness fights anger, sadness, and anxiety. Who needs a shrink? By Betsy Noxon Some people work through issues lying down, feet propped up on a leather couch. Austin “Ozzie” Gontang, Ph.D., however, finds problem-solving most effective when he and his clients are in […]

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Some Magic: Healing the results of a sprained ankle

2 Comments by / June 25, 2007 / Posted in Mindful Running, Running Injury Prevention

Some Magic to Rehab Strained Ankles Over the years at Rec.Running the issue of sprained ankles continually arises. Sometime, years after a serious sprain the pain around the outside ankle continues. Some feel it as an impingement, a pinching or tightness around the outside of the ankle. Something to be put up with. That bump […]

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Coaches Who Look at Proper Running Form

1 Comment by / June 14, 2007 / Posted in Mindful Running, Running Form & Style

The following are collection of running coaches who have focused on running form and style. They have shared their thoughts and wisdom through their writings and websites. The caviat being: Runnicus be wareacus. I am more and more leaning to the import of gravity in running and that it is gravity that plays a most […]

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Folklore of Going Sockless

1 Comment by / June 3, 2007 / Posted in Running Form & Style

Folklore of Going Sockless: The Result of a Dialogue with Madeleine Page and Miles Lakin back in 2000 Running sockless can be of great help in learning to run with proper form and style. When the shoe and the foot are moving over the ground at the same rate of speed, there is minimal or […]

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Preparing the Mind to Marathon: Damn you Ozzie!

0 Comment by / June 2, 2007 / Posted in The Running Mind

Thanks R. Walter wherever you run in the world. In pursuit of knowledge, Everyday something is acquired by the runner In pursuit of wisdom, Everyday something is given up by the runner Lao Tzu speaking at a Running Clinic recently I have a lot to give up. GAPO As R mentioned we need to let […]

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