Psyching Tips for Marathoners

0 Comment by / October 29, 2008 / Posted in The Running Mind

Shrink Rap Sports psychologists take their advice to the streets, helping runners stay focused. By Nancy Averett Kate Hays, PhD., a sports psychologist for the Toronto Marathon, has heard every kind of prerace anxiety. She once counseled a man who was having last-minute doubts about running a marathon in a chef’s hat while carrying a […]

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Study: Runners Live Longer; Stay Healthier

0 Comment by / August 12, 2008 / Posted in The Running Mind

Some evidence is in that running is good for you if you want to live a long and healthy life .  The research titled: Reduced Disability and Mortality Among Aging Runners: A 21-Year Longitudinal Study A study published by Stanford University School of Medicine researchers show that over a 20 year period middle-aged individuals who […]

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Five Women (seeking with)Competing for The Picture of Life

0 Comment by / May 10, 2008 / Posted in The Running Mind

Diane Gallo, a friend of mine and the VP of HR at Vistagee send me a link that truly speaks about competition in its original and truest meaning. Competition come from “cum peto” meaning “to seek with. I’ve written about it in the past that to come in second or third may mean that I […]

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You Are What You Think About

0 Comment by / May 7, 2008 / Posted in The Running Mind

Dick Michener, a dear running friend from my days around rec.running & The Roads Scholars Running Group on Yahoo Groups has a great short story called “The Rest of My Life that Richard Benyo has accepted for a future publication in Marathon & Beyond. There’s a bio at the end of this short piece of […]

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World Class Runners Same Form as Running on Ice.

3 Comments by / May 1, 2008 / Posted in Running Form & Style

This video gives a very convincing visual of the Pose Running Method. This keeps one aware that the turnover rate of 180 steps a minute is just the beginning when learning to run in good form and style. Back to my old saying: Running is a dance. You can do it gracefully or clumsily. Go […]

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Running and Walking Therapy: Spreading like wildfire…well, one step at a time

0 Comment by / April 5, 2008 / Posted in The Running Mind

On April 1st, a short article Walking the Talk Therapy by Tina Kelley talked about Karen Arthur and her offering of “Walking and Talking Psychotherapy.” If I were to say that it was sweeping the nation like a wildfire, you know it would be an April Fool’s. In the span of 30 plus years since […]

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Thoughts on Running Observing Thoughts

2 Comments by / February 17, 2008 / Posted in The Running Mind

Not sure where the years went. I came across this poem after a run on St. Valentine’s in 1998: Thoughts are like leaves dropping into a stream. As soon as they touch the water they are carried away. Sometimes they get caught in an eddy. Soon there are so many leaves in the eddy you […]

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Running and Mental Health

0 Comment by / December 21, 2007 / Posted in The Running Mind

Jen Lucas as part of her Masters Degree in Social Work at Cal State Sacramento did a project on Running For Mental Health. I remember receiving an email from her inquiring about the Running Therapy that I had been doing with patients since the mid-1970’s. Jen completing her Project for the degree, in my mind’s […]

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1 Comment by / December 19, 2007 / Posted in The Running Mind

When I first was involved with rec.running back in the mid 90’s Ray was one of the early contributors.  I think you will enjoy his thoughts, reflections, and musings. Lately, I’ve wanted to do a bit more writing.  Back in the day, I’d keep a journal, or work hard and try to get published.  Since […]

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Some Thoughts & Observations on Breathing

2 Comments by / October 29, 2007 / Posted in Running Form & Style

Some quick thoughts and observations on breathing: 1. Keeping the same cadence, my speed depends on the lean of the body from ankle to the top of the head. The more the lean, the faster I go and the quicker I have to move my foot through its cycle while maintaining the same cadence. 2. […]

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