A Moment of Mindfulness on World Down Syndrome Day

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Bob Anderson of Leading Challenges talking about EQ shared with Jim Wyner’s and my Vistage KEY 777 yesterday a definition of the word: Empathy. Empathy is defined as: Recognizing, understanding, and appreciating how other people feel. Empathy involves being able to articulate my understanding of another perspective and behaving in a way that respects others’ feelings.

Bring in the perspective of non-judgmental and we see how difficult empathy can be for many of us depending on our prejudgments, our prejudices.

I am reminded by Jon Kabat-Zinn’s observation: You sitting there, breathing is enough.

We learn the depth of love in so many ways. For many of us it is learning to love ourselves, and realize that me sitting here, breathing is enough. Again the unique contribution that we each bring to the world. For my family love was caring for my younger sister who had PKU that went undetected. From a vibrant baby she was basically brain dead at 6 months of age. We cared for her until she was institutionalized at 9.

On this day we celebrate World Down Syndrome Day. Truly love conquers all as this video shows as it answers a question from a mother who knows she is having a Down Syndrome baby.

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