Mindfulness & Laughter: Healing Mind, Body & Spirit

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Mindfulness Now

Mindfulness Now

Dr. Caroline Meeks is a physician who became Dr. Funshine as she developed her practice and a following through her Laughter Yoga. In this video she shows us how to use our breathing, mindfulness and laughter to heal from within and without.

Elisha Goldstein who blogs for PsychCentral with his Mindfulness & Psychotherapy says this about De-Stressing with Laughter Yoga:

Dr. Madan Kataria tells us that it doesn’t make a difference whether you force laughter or it comes naturally, eventually it becomes contagious and it just flows. He is the founder of, hold onto your seat, Laughing Yoga. This form of yoga combines laughter exercises with yoga breathing, moving and stretching, which releases much needed endorphins and brings more oxygen and energy into the body. Just like in mindfulness work, we practice just being present for its own sake, in laughing yoga, we just laugh for the sake of laughing and you can’t help but be present to it.

…laughter can decrease stress hormones, improve immune system and boost endorphins.

…laughter can improve circulatory and cardiovascular health. This can be supportive when struggling with stress, anxiety, or depression. Apparently it’s been used with Iraqi war veterans, Policemen in Taiwan, and those struggling with cancer.


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  1. Louis Larocca said on November 24th, 2013 at 1:41 am

    https://www.facebook.com/PathToWellbeing Mindfulness; and laughter is just what the doctor ordered. Mindfulness brings concentration, concentration brings insight, Insight liberates you from your ignorance, your anger and your cravings. Once you are free from your afflictions happiness becomes possible.

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