Mindfulness: Vulnerability & Empathy Break Down My Walls

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What has always been interesting for me regarding the walls that I build is are they keeping me in or are they keeping me out. Walls protect against vulnerability. Vulnerability protects against the need for building walls. Sometimes I am so busy breaking down walls that I don’t see there is a door right around the corner.



This short video by Cleveland Clinic truly touches what it means to have Empathy.  I know not what you are experiencing.  There is no empathy without me being vulnerable.



In relationships couples/friends/partners realize that they have built a wall between themselves. One finally decides to break down the wall and works diligently to break through. When they finally get through, they realize to their dismay that each of them had been building their own wall. While breaking through their own wall, the other person’s wall remains intact. This was shared by my brother, Jimmy, many years ago and was an eye-opener.

Anger at others is my wall for keeping myself from admitting that the issue, whatever it may be, is about me and not about the other person or situation that angers me. One of the hardest lessons for us to learn. I must remind myself that the more conscious I become, the more sneaky and underhanded and nefarious my unconscious becomes. To say I will never get angry again is first step my unconscious takes to puff up my ego and forget Terrence’s 3rd century aphorism: Nothing human is alien/foreign to me.


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