Mindfulness: Listening When the World Speaks

Leave the first response January 23, 2013 / Posted in Breathe, Injury Prevention, Meditation, Mindful Leadership, Mindful Walking, Mindfulness, The Running Mind
Listen to all the signs.

Listen to all the signs.

Now almost two months ago, the STOP sign outside my window gave me the message of what to do after my thyroid surgery.

Last Sunday, coming in from the garage after the Marathon Clinic, I was thinking of all the things I wanted to get done so I could watch the NFL games.


I don’t know why it caught my eye. It was one of Kip’s little potted plants that was growing at the top of the steps. I hadn’t seen it growing. Didn’t even notice it until that moment as its flower rested on the doormat. I hadn’t seen it micro-inching its way until thee two white specks rested their weary heads against the mat.


So again, the world shared it message with me. About taking time and that it is all about the Practice. Little by little. Millimeter by millimeter. Nothing spectacular, until I realized that it went unnoticed until I almost stepped on it.

What lesson has the world shared with you recently about Mindfulness?

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