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ONE. the mind aware

ONE. the mind aware

New Momentum For Human Unity was started in 2006 by a group of friends – educators, artists, creative business administrators, writers and meditators – who committed themselves to transform human life from violence, devastation and poverty to one of caring and peace.

Francis Rothluebber heard about Auroville, an experimental city in Southern India founded on principles of shared leadership, sustainable development and new consciousness. Some 2,000 people from 40 nations demonstrate what is possible when people commit to live together in unity beyond the boundaries of nation, religion and race.

Francis was intrigued and traveled there with a dear friend to see for herself. That experience inspired them to make a documentary and to share Auroville’s story: the City of the Dawn.

New Momentum for Human Unity was created to support the efforts to create the City of the Dawn

They have just published their first edition of: One. the mind aware.

Our mission is to create a better life on and for this planet through the evolution of human consciousness and the transformation of human relationships, by encouraging mindfulness of our interconnection and by the power of selfless love.

The large format book creates awareness as the quotes evoke reflections that are mirrored in the wonderful work of many artists and the images captured by contributing photgraphers. The insights of Thay, Thomas Merton, Rumi, Anne Frank, Teilhard de Chardin capture in words what the artists have shared through their creative images.

One. the mind aware is truly a gift from the heart-mind.

Peace Is Possible
The Moment We Experience
Celebrate Our Differences

A wonderful gift
to share while supporting the mission of New Momentum.


My mentor, Lee Thayer, shared this quote years ago and which my daughters were raised on: If you want to know the future: Create it.

This is what Auroville has created. The award-winning documentary film, City of the Dawn, explores Auroville, India, an experimental city, founded on principles of shared leadership, sustainable development and new consciousness. This intentional community was created to be a living embodiment of human unity, a laboratory for the future that wants to find new ways to coexist that benefit all.

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  1. jonty said on February 13th, 2013 at 2:09 am

    Interesting piece regarding the practise of mindfulness.

    Watch this if you want to see/hear/feel more. Exclusive interview!!


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