Mindfulness In Slow Motion- A Running Question

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The question I raised back in the early 1980’s was: Why Do Runners Heel Strike? I had purchased a Sanyo recorder in 1979 that did slow motion recording in a 20 minute cassette format. It was the beginning of teaching runners about running what I called; Ball/Heel/Ball. If you march in place the ball of the foot touches, then the heel, and as the foot lifts back up the ball is the last to leave the ground. Marching in place ball/heel/ball there is no sound and one can lightly touch the ground quietly.

In a previous blog post, Joyce Wycoff wrote an article in May 1996 entitled: Today’s Certainties and Tomorrow’s Absurdities and quoted me:

Running shoes will continue to advance in design and technology. They will continue to neglect a major component: Man, the thinking body.

An atavistic paradigm shift will take place. Runners and walkers will realize it’s not the shoe, it’s an innovative thinking body. A new line of shoe will be created that allows proprioceptive feedback to the thinking body. All of the thick running and walking shoes will be replaced by thinsoled foot covers which allow the human animal to take control of their youthful movement once again.

Traditional Tai Chi, Yoga, Stretching for the Thinking Body, etc. will grow. Companies like Nike, Addidas, Reebok and their approach to shoes will be tomorrow’s absurdities.

Tim Brennan back in 2003 sent me a pair of his prototype shoes that were to become today”s VivoBarefoot. I wore them for a few weeks but since they size 12 and I wear a 13, I gave them to my Rolfer, Victor Geberin, who wore them for years.

As you watch Ruthie in the video, notice how she lands as she walks and runs.

As you walk over the next few weeks, think elliptical trainer. All I ask you to do is as your foot lands, lift it a quarter of an inch and as it swings through place it down sooner so that you land on the heel of your shoe NOT the back-of-the-heel-of-the-shoe. If you hit on the back-of-the-heel-of-the-shoe, your stride is too long and you’re stopping yourself with each step. That lifting a quarter of an inch and thinking elliptical will smooth out your walking. And if it smooths out our walking, it may just make a difference in your running – if you are a back-of-the-heel-of-the-shoe striker.

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