Mindfulness and Movement: Present Moment

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Wounded Warriors on track

Wounded Warriors on track

Every Friday morning between 6 am and 8 am a coach works out with his stable of runners. Usually its overcast on the tartan track by Scripps Integrative Medicine. When it’s not foggy the westward glance as you round the track is the panorama of the rolling greens of the Torrey Pines South and beyond the majesty of the deep blue green Pacific. When the groundbreaking for the Integrative Medicine center took place, the medicine woman from one of San Diego’s indigenous tribes gave a blessing acknowledging the healing winds that blow over this sacred spot.

Warmups. Banter. Laughter. Work out briefing. Timed distances and speeds. Labored breathing. Grimaces. And continual adjustments.This coach is a little different. He is not only their coach, he is also their prosthetist. Any week there are 6 to 10 runners mostly single amputees with 2 or 3 double amputees working on their aerobic fitness and working on the fit of their new running leg or legs.

If you want to know the future; create it. And the human spirit is alive never to be held down. For some it will be about limitations. For others, it is the gratitude and appreciation of being alive and whatever confronts one is something to be overcome and is just a challenge for the human spirit mindful about what it means to “Be awake, fully present and living my life intentionally.”

A dear friend Karen Dietz shared this piece from a blogger on Mental Floss, Miss Cellania:

In the beginning of the blog she reminds us:

Some people live their lives by making the best of what they have. And then there are people who even make the best of what they don’t have. After all, you just don’t tell some people, “You can’t do that.” Because they will prove you wrong.

Read Miss Cellenia blog on Challenge Accepted about 8 inspiring stories that resonate with the Wounded Warriors. You’ll resonate with being mindful as you sit or move.

Present moment, beautiful moment.

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