Free Mindfulness Teleseminar Series

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The NICABM National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine is sponsoring a Mindfulness Teleseminar Series from September 28 until November 11th

Go here to sign up for this Free Mindfulness Teleseminar Series.

Wednesday, September 28th, 5pm ET – Ronald Siegel, PsyD
Wednesday, October 5th, 5pm ET – Rick Hanson, PhD
Wednesday, October 12th, 5pm ET – Daniel Siegel, MD
Wednesday, October 19th, 5pm ET – Sara Lazar, PhD
Wednesday, October 26th, 5pm ET – Tara Brach, PhD
Wednesday, November 2nd, 5pm ET – Ron Siegel, PsyD and Elisha Goldstein, PhD
Tuesday, November 8th, 5pm ET – Sharon Salzberg
Wednesday, November 9th, 5pm ET – Ellen Langer, PhD
Thursday, November 10th, 5pm ET – Kelly G. Wilson, PhD
Friday, November 11th, 5pm ET – Steve Flowers, MS, MFT

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