Mindfulness: A tradition of storytelling

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I remember reading the last paragraph that KVpops shared in his blog:

It’s all about telling a great story in the simplest manner with a great insight or an observation thrown in. Whether you are writing a novel, short story, feature film or even a 60 second spot, the rules are the same: set up a conflict and resolve them in an inspiring way.

While the blog was called Storyselling, I realized thanks to a dear friend, Suzanne Livingston of Contribution Quest, that is is about each of us finding our core contribution.

The mindful lesson is that I only have the present moment. I will feel all human emotions. Paraphrasing Terence: “I am a man, nothing human is foreign to me. Yet, I am reminded I am not my thoughts, I am not my feelings.

The contribution that we, as unique individuals like everyone else, and only we can make is becoming ourselves. A lifetime story. It’s about being awake, fully present, and living my/our lives intentionally. I salute the god in me and in you and accept all that I am and all that we can be or become.

It is what Lee Thayer means when he says: This contribution occurs not when we have the vision; rather it is when the vision has us.

Passion and enthusiasm (en theos: what occurred when the “god within” burned) are the result of being had by that Vision. That is tempered by the awareness of present moment, beautiful moment.

My comment to Pops was:

Thanks for sharing a beautiful story. We humans are hardwired as storytellers, problem solvers and decision makers. The homeopathic pill of stories is one that touches the heart and the spirit. The story pours in and we fill it with the feelings and emotions that touch us at our core.

While we talk about selling, it is about the contribution that each of us make and that is unique for each person. Your story touched that contribution which Robert Frost so beautifully summed up in this story sometimes called a poem:

In three words
I can sum up everything
I learned about life:
It goes on.

Thanks for sharing Pops.

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