Mindful Running: Running on Thin Ice

Leave the first response October 5, 2010 / Posted in Mindful Running, Running Injury Prevention
Morning snow. Park City, Utah

Morning snow. Park City, Utah

In an earlier piece I wrote about Running form and attached a picture of Nicholas Romanov, founder of Pose Method, running across the ice at an ice rink.

I came across another video of him at the blog site of a friend with whom I’ve corresponded off and on for the past two years. This is what Jim Haselmaier has to share on his Running for Life blog when he spoke about Running Without Pushing Off:

A while ago I discovered this video and I find it fascinating. Dr. Nicholas Romanov, the creator of the Pose Method of running, is running on a sheet of ice. Is there friction between his shoe and the ice? Of course. Is it a lot of friction? Of course not. What better way to show running movement doesn’t require active pushing by the leg. If pushing off with the leg was done – obviously the foot would slip and the runner wouldn’t get very far very fast.

You may want to purchase his DVD on the Pose Method of Running or his book on Pose Running

You can learn a great deal about his work and ideas at his site: Posetech.com or go to YouTube and search on Pose Method Running to see a great variety of training videos

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