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I have had the privilege of know Jim Vaughan for over 15 years. And through Jim I met his associate and dear friend: Kelly Castor. I have been a champion of their work and an associate of their Life Design work.

I have used sections of the Life Design book for over 12 years during our Gontang Family Retreats.

Jim spoke to my Vistage executive group twice a number of years ago. He is one of the early developers of Organizational Development and from one copy that I saw where the CEO joined my group, Jim had created a truly high performance learning organization. I also saw a bank dismantle that same organization in less than 60 days; only to come back 6 months later and admit they made a mistake in their approach. They saw the service as transaction and destroyed the actual foundation: Trust and Relationship.

You can purchase a hard copy of the Life Design book from Amazon for $14.95 or download a free digital version. The content in both is identical

how you can help

“We must become the change we wish to see in the world.”
Mahatma Gandhi

Reclaiming our communities and making them great places to live, work, and play involves deep cultural change. It will require the ongoing cooperative efforts of many people over a long period of time. It will require some change in behavior from virtually every one of us. We welcome your participation.

Join one of our ongoing programs:

* Local Food: Contact Maggie Castor to find out what you can do to eliminate hunger and poor nutrition in your community. (maggiecastor@partners101.org)

* Renewable Energy: Check out steps you can take today to conserve energy. Energy Saver’s Booklet Contact Kelly Castor to learn more about our renewable energy initiative. (kelly@partners101.org)

* Youth Program: Contact Kelly Castor to learn how you can use LifeDesign for Teens to help prepare youth in your community for a successful start in life. (kelly@partners101.org)

* Life Planning: If you haven’t done a gut check recently on your own priorities and the way you’re spending your time, you might want to take a 5-minute Quality of Life Checkup If you’re ready to get serious about taking full responsibility for achieving your life’s dream, get a copy of the LifeDesign Workbook.

* Sustainable Local Economies: Contact Kelly Castor to learn about developing and supporting local entrepreneurs. (kelly@partners101.org)

If none of our current initiatives strike a chord with you, we invite you to consider how LifeDesign can be adapted to address the unique needs of many specific groups and situations. Here are some examples:

* Returning veterans and their families

* Communities that have experienced a plant closing and/or multiple layoffs

* People struggling with obesity

* People re-entering civilian life after being in prison

* A community recovering from a natural disaster such as a flood

It is preferable, but not essential, that you have personally experienced the issue you want to address. We’ll work with you to adapt the LifeDesign process to the situation. Contact James Vaughan to explore these or related possibilities. james@partners101.org

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