Nurturing and Nourishing Food For Mindfulness

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Scott Barnett's Dinner

Scott Barnett's Dinner

Although I twitter infrequently I am delighted by the people I meet and the amazing work they do in their contributions to  Mindfulness. One of those paths I recently followed was started by  Karin R. Lawson, Psy. D. who is on the team at Institute for Girls’ Development located in Pasadena, CA.  Karin works with and is supervised by the Institute’s founder,  Melissa Johnson, Ph.D.

At Karin’s Twitter site she shared the location of a series of Mindfulness & Relaxation Podcasts she did at UC Davis with Christy Hofsess. They are located near the bottom of the  CAPS page.

Karin also shared a link to The Center for Mindful Eating (TCME).

The Center for Mindful Eating (TCME). TCME is a forum for professionals across all disciplines interested in developing, deepening and understanding the value and importance of mindful eating. TCME provides a wide variety of resources and training for those seeking up-to-date information about mindful eating practices, research, and education.

Mindful eating has the powerful potential to transform people’s relationship to food and eating, to improve overall health, body image, relationships and self-esteem. Mindful eating involves many components such as:

  • learning to make choices in beginning or ending a meal based on awareness of hunger and satiety cues;

  • learning to identify personal triggers for mindless eating, such as emotions, social pressures, or certain foods;

  • valuing quality over quantity of what you’re eating;

  • appreciating the sensual, as well as the nourishing, capacity of food;

  • feeling deep gratitude that may come from appreciating and experiencing food

Mindful eating draws substantially on the use of mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness helps focus our attention and awareness on the present moment, which in turn, helps us disengage from habitual, unsatisfying and unskillful habits and behaviors. Engaging in mindful eating meditation practices on a regular basis can help us discover a far more satisfying relationship to food and eating than we ever imagined or experienced before. A different kind of nourishment often emerges, the kind that offers satisfaction on a very deep emotional level.

Over the past 25 years, mindfulness practices, in general, have been shown to have a positive impact on many areas of psychological and physical health, including stress, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and heart disease.   More recently, evidence is building that validates the benefits of mindful eating for treatment of the obesity as well as binge eating disorders. The benefits of mindful eating are not restricted to physical and emotional health improvements; they can also impact one’s entire life, through a better sense of balance and well-being.

The Center for Mindful Eating does not promote one single approach to mindful eating. We are committed to dialogue, support, sharing ideas, clinical experience and research.

You’ll want to download a copy of the PDF on The Principles of Mindful Eating.  They have a collection of  articles of interest on Mindful Eating.  Some good meditative reflection on Mindfulness Practices around food and eating.

There are several MP3 program recordings that can be downloaded. Others are available to members.  If you are working with others around Mindful Eating or are using your eating to increase your Mindfulness, it would be worth joining to support the good work that the TCME is doing and also to benefit from all they have to share.

You’ll want to look at their page on Engaging The Sacred where you can download  Verses for Eating Mindfully, by Thich Nhat Han. There is also an article by TCME president Jean Kristeller, PhD regarding wisdom and mindful eating.
Mindful Eating and Wisdom, J. Kristeller PhD

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