Mindfulness and the Four-Fold Way

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Angeles Arrien brings to life and into one’s practice of mindfulness the wisdom lost through mindless living. Her work is a mindful and experiential way of learning to “walk the mystical path with practical feet.” The Four-Fold Way uses four main principles that emphasize and are based upon ancient cultural wisdoms that we can apply to our daily living.

Show up, or choose to be present. Being present allows us to access the human resources of power, presence, and communication. This is the Way of the Warrior, or Leader.

Pay attention to what has heart and meaning. Paying attention opens us to the human resources of love, gratitude, acknowledgment, and validation. This is the Way of the Healer or Caretaker.

Tell the truth without blame or judgment. Truthfulness, authenticity, and integrity are keys to developing our vision and intuition. Non-judgmental is a key element in the Way of the Visionary or Creative Problem Solver.

Be open to outcome, not attached to outcome. Openness and non-attachment help us recover the human resources of wisdom and objectivity. This is the Way of the Teacher or Counselor.

Angeles’ Reflections for May are on the Wisdom of the Superior Man.


1. To have little pride and envy.
2. To have few desires and find satisfaction with simple things.
3. To lack hypocrisy and deceit.
4. To act with awareness of the consequences of one’s actions.
5. To be faithful to one’s obligations.
6. To be capable of friendship even while regarding all with
7. To look with pity and not anger upon those who live evilly.
8. To allow others the victory, taking onto oneself the defeat.
9. To differ from the multitude in every thought and action.
10. To keep faithfully and without pride one’s vows of chastity
and piety.

––”The Ten Signs of a Superior Man,”
paraphrased from a Tibetan text

She has shared her monthly Reflections since the turn of the century and the millenium. In these Reflections she shares monthly practices that help one in their mindfulness practice.

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