Mindfulness Is In Front of You All The Time and It Isn’t

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I walked into the small store in Margaret River and was reminded to stop and reflect as I read the silkscreen on the apron.


Back in San Diego, last night I watched the musical rendition of Studs Terkel’s book: Working. Another reminder of recognizing and honoring all people who do the work they do: the receptionist, the housewife, the iron worker, the flight attendant, cleaning lady, the mill worker, UPS delivery man, trucker.

As Coach Gene Stallings would put it: It’s about the little people. The people we don’t recognize. The people we take for granted. Often they are in front of us and they are invisible.

The Little Prince’s” It is with the heart that one see rightly; for what is essential is invisible to the eye.

The people behind what you sit on as your read this. The person who put together the chair you sit on. The person who upholstered it. The person who bent the steel to create the frame. The people who forged the steel. The helmsman who delivered the iron ore to the railhead. The crane operator scooping the ore into ore cars. The miner drilling out the coal for the blast furnace. The housewife who prepared his lunch. The woman who planted the rice seedlings.

In the musical, the people behind the scenes are visible or audible. At the beginning a voice (counts down, directs the lights, the fades, the screen coming down, the projector on, music) becomes audible that we the audience never hear reveals the complexity behind what is visible. During some scene changes, the wardrobe people come out with change of clothes, off with the wig, on with the hat, off with the moustache, on with the sweater…and their gone…and a vital middle aged man in 30 seconds morphs into a retiree. The guitarist in the orchestra behind a meshed backdrop, walk down to the front of the stage and sings.

I cheered extra loud as all the people behind the scenes took their bows.


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  1. Bruce Levine said on April 7th, 2009 at 1:37 pm

    Hi Oz – Great post. I read Studs’ book a couple months ago and kept re-reading parts of it long after I’d finished. The people who just show up every day and do – the ones who work for a living and can’t comprehend what the word “lifestyle” means – those people are utterly heroic. Your thoughts here are a great reminder that beyond their heroism, there is great connectedness among us all. I will be very mindful of that today.

  2. Glenn Friesen said on July 7th, 2009 at 12:01 am

    Great post Oz. Presence is a state of mind. Reminded how interconnected we all really are. Thanks… continuing to read your blog!

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