First and Foremost; Be A Good Animal

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George Sheehan in his writings said we are called to be Saints, Poets, Philosophers, Artists, and Athletes. His would add emphatically at the end: But first and foremost; Be a good animal.

To that end and that beginning Frank Forencich created Exuberant Animal to promote health, positive physicality and physical happiness. Click here to get on his mailing list.

You’ll find the article he and Jeff Crews wrote Pathology On Parade to be of interest.

Outside of the convention center, I observed normal Americans as they walked by: they were fat and sedentary as usual. As I stood on the sidewalk and looked around, the contrast was stark: On one side of the door, a parade of diabetic adipose tissue. On the other, a parade of obsessive-compulsive muscle and silicone.

So now I feel like Diogenes with a lamp on a dark night. But instead of looking for one honest man, I’m now looking for one truly healthy man or woman.

Or better yet, a healthy culture.

My search continues…

Carl Jung in his writings mentioned: The mind reflects the body reflects the mind. So we return to a mindful attitude to see what is present when we observe what occurs when the present moment is neglected. When we forget or when we focus on what the world values.

It’s interesting to say we need a Healthy Self and a Healthy Culture.

Are we really saying: Heal Thy Self and Heal Thy Culture.

And we are back to the present moment.

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  1. eric said on March 13th, 2009 at 9:31 pm

    Yes, self and culture are co-arising, mutually interdependent.
    Here’s an personal experience that supports/reflects what you’re talking about:

    Be well,


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