Job is Anglo-Saxon for a “Lump.”

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We all find distraction in living a life which more often than not is too busy.

Stop. Breathe. Ask your self:

Am I awake?
Am I fully present?
Am I living my life intentionally?

We are social animals a nicer way of saying: pack and herd animals. Being aware and present is felt by all those whose lives we touch.

During these interesting and present times people are questioning what does it mean for us to be fully alive and living in the present moment and how are Pat Murray’s words about “Shared fate, shared vision, shared purpose” being lived out. It seems to be about “Making Value More Visible,” and making a life worth living more valued.

It has always been interesting to me that the word “job” from the Anglo-Saxon means a “lump.”

At the beginning of the industrial revolution there were critics who said that man was never made to do a lump of work. He needs to be part of the bigger picture, a part of the community (communitas- being one with others): building the clock tower, the town center, the cobble stone roads in and out of the city, or supplying the needs of the community.

There is a great deal of irony when we realize that today we continually talk about losing our “lumps.”

People in general want to do good; make a difference; have an impact. People want to do good work. People want to be part of something. Remember, we are herd/pack animals.

Take a breath. Slowly feel the air fill your lungs. Close your eyes during the next breath and feel your lungs expand, your rib cage expand. Feel the calm as you allow the next breath to bring you to an awareness that you can relax any felt tension you may be holding unnecessarily.

Be the calm you need to be for yourself. Focused. Aware. Awake. Alive. Fully present.

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