I Found My Heart The Other Day

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I share with you the future. The poem that goes with this note comes from my heart through the hands and soul of my youngest daughter a number of years ago:

“This was written with you both in mind while I was home… Thank you and I’m forever grateful in your helping to polish my heart. It was so nice to come home and re-focus. I was definitely in need of a dose of family. I saw this card (Le Petit Prince carried aloft by a flock of doves) and it symbolized much of what’s going on in my life. The prince could be going away from home, going back or solely be going on a trip. Whatever happens is a learning experience. I’ve always known this.
Love, Luck, and Lollipops, Allison”

Your Name
by Allison Gontang

I found my heart the other day
Like a tumbling stone
It continues to be polished.

Mind you, however,
Not to perfection
But to understanding
compassion, honesty, integrity
And Love.

Each swirling name printed,
smooths into it
Accepting it
And loving its company
I looked carefully
and couldn’t help but notice
Printed in large letters
Your name

So in tribute to you, the reader, I realize that we are like a stonecarvers who brings out of the stone what was already there. May you continue to carve on the heart, mind and spirit of yourself and all those whose lives you touch. May you bring out what was already there but needed to be set free.

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