Dharma Seed: Excellent Repository of Dharma Talks

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One of those sites that needs to be known to any student or long time practitioner of Mindfulness.

Dharma Seed has about 20 percent of their almost 10,000 Dharma talks in their archive available online.

Truly a work of love and devotion and a gift to those interested in Mindfulness, Vipassana or Insight Meditation.

Dharma Seed developed this website because for most people, downloading or streaming a talk is the easiest way to hear it. It is also the most efficient way for us to make talks available to you.

For some, however, a CD or tape may be the only way to hear the talks. You are welcome to ask someone to make you a tape or CD. You can also use the “Order” button next to each talk to order CDs or tapes from a small organization named Dharma Hardcopy (not directly associated with Dharma Seed) that charges a fee to cover their costs and to receive some modest compensation for this service. You may also contact them via Email: dharmahardcopy@comcast.net, by calling: 800-969-7333, or by writing: Dharma Hardcopy, P.O. Box 464, Winchester, NH 03470

If you are not using the website “shopping cart” to order, please include the title of the talk, its date, and the name of the teacher when you contact them.

What does “free” mean?

There are no charges for using this site. You may stream talks (by clicking “stream” next to the talk) to listen online right away. You may also click “download” to put a copy of the MP3 file on your computer. You may then listen to this copy, burn it to a CD, and share it with others. However:

The vast majority of these files are covered by a “Creative Commons Some Rights Reserved” license. You can’t repackage talks to sell to others (as opposed to giving them away), nor can you use only portions of the talks in another project or product. You must always credit the person or organization who owns this Creative Commons copyright. If you give the talks to others, you must inform them the talks are protected by copyright in this way.

Some teachers, including most monastics, have placed their talks in the public domain, so even the modest restrictions above do not apply. This is an act of trust by those making these talks available as an offering, not an invitation to take any particular action. We ask that you keep in mind that treating these talks as precious Dharma teachings is itself a valuable practice of the teachings.

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