Sometime My Story Is So Convincing, Even I Believe It

Leave the first response February 5, 2009 / Posted in Mindful Leadership, Mindfulness

I often say that every word out of my mouth is a story. If I am not aware, I use words and phrases without thought or reflection.  I can continually infect myself and others around me with false or self-limiting stories. If I tell a story enough times, even I come to believe it.  I practice it and try variations on the theme.  I observe what kind of action and reaction I receive.

Was my story good enough that you bit at it.  Did I hook myself? Did I hook you?  Did I resist, deny or defend my position? Did you resist, deny, defend, and set the hook even deeper. Was my story so good that I think its true, and not just a story.

Friend and fellow Vistage Chair, Heather Anderson, in her classes and workshops on Emotional Intelligence focuses on removing oneself from “catasthophizing”  by neutralizing the story/the trauma/the drama by simply calling the occurrence: an event.

Take a breath. What has occurred just now is an event. How I respond to it is the telltale outcome. No need to react. What’s the best outcome that I/we can come up with?

A group that uses the concepts of Mindfulness and Kaizen in their work is Conversant. Mickey Connolly has an excellent webinar called: Storytelling and Strategy: Accelerating the Success of Your Organization. Just as much there for you as an individual, especially when you think about yourself as an organization of one.

What story is catching you? What story is getting you all tangled up in the line.?

Like the world resting on the back of a turtle;  it’s stories all the way down.

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