Pump Up The Body

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Poor posture when sitting leads to slouching when one tires while walking or running. Improper walking or running reinforces poor posture. Both worsen.

Improve your posture and correct the slouching habit effortlessly:

With your feet flat on the floor, sit forward on the edge of a chair. In this position you ‘ll be sitting on your sitzbones. When you sit back in a chair you sit on your hamstrings. Your pelvis rolls back toward the tailbone shortening hamstrings and postural muscles of the upper body.

Without a concern for time, pump up your spine-sit erect, at least 10 times a day. Once you are erect forget about staying erect.

At first your spine will return to a slump in 20 seconds. Continue this easy and painless exercise daily, and in two months your spine will remain erect for 10 or more minutes after each “pump.” Also your slouch will have lessened and you will regain a quarter of an inch or more in height. In six months, you’ll be sitting up straight for an hour or more. In a year, your body will need no reminders. You will have regained your normal height plus the ability to stay erect when you tire while walking or running.

Sitting, standing, walking or running, your spine will remain erect and elongated. You will be free of muscle strain in the neck, shoulders, and back. Your brain and body will be balanced properly on its muscular and skeletal framework.

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