Why I Love Hills

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Inspired by Martha L. Clark who wrote to rec.running:

I am curious as to how a hill is defined. I ran a hill today, but it felt like a mountain!! Actually, I only made it halfway up, walked the rest of the way, then turned around and ran back down. The hill is .4 mile, with a pretty steep slope. Is this considered a typical hill? Thanks, Martha

For People Who Hate Hills
© Austin “Ozzie” Gontang, Ph.D.

A hill is a way for me to get to the top of what would otherwise be a sheer cliff.

A hill is a stairway which I can use. Someone has graded off the steps and allowed the slope to remain to assist me in reaching the top.

A hill is a friend that helps me get to the top of where I’m going without having to develop cliff climbing skills.

A hill is something that was there long before I was born and will most likely be there long after I am gone. As I run up the hill, its purpose is to serve me in getting from one point to some other point which has a higher elevation.

Hills are my teachers and my friends.

A hill teaches me about myself. It allows me to see how I project my thoughts and feelings upon it. It teaches me consistency, steadiness and to mindfully bring myself back to the moment when my brain has gone to the top where it rests as my body stuggles on.

A hill is for going down and learning what it means to have a free ride (I already paid by going up).

A hill up and a hill down are magnificent training devices so I can learn in slow motion how to go fast.

A hill up teaches me that good running form is the same at any speed.

A hill helps me defy gravity with each and every step.

I love hills and continue to love hills for they are my friends. They are always there when I need to be uplifted. They are there when I need to be gently let down.

Once I learned to love hills as part of my practice, I do not give my power away nor do any external elements have power over me.

Hills help me learn to live on the plateaus of life.

Hills help me realize that it’s not about my destination rather it’s about my journey.

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