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Mindfulness or being mindful is being aware of your present moment. You are not judging, reflecting or thinking. You are simply observing the moment in which you find yourself. Moments are like a breath. Each breath is replaced by the next breath. You’re there with no other purpose than being awake and aware of that moment. As John Kabit Zinn says reflecting on a Japanese mindfulness puzzle: “Wherever you go, there you are.”

If you start by being aware of your breath, you know it comes and goes. It is like the end of one wave from among the endless ocean waves. They continue to come and disappear to be followed by another and another and another. They come. They disappear. They come, they end, they flow back to be covered by another incoming wave. You can hear the sound. It’s rhythm puts the mind into a trance, and you go far away but wherever you go, there you are.

My travels through this journey called life, have taken me down many paths from which I now share some reflections on Mindful Running, Mindful Business and Leadership, and the Apprenticeship of a Mindful Therapist.

Visit the Mindfulness blog for the a friendly discussion on mindfulness.

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