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As a Vistage Chair going on 23 years, I have been blessed as have my members with exposure to men and women who have proven their worth by the success of their work and the inspiration they shared in all aspects of business and leadership.

One of those is a dear friend, Jim Cecil, who has influenced several thousand Vistage/TEC members to nurture their clients, customers and future clients and customers.

Jim is someone who has shared freely and continues to do so. All you need to do is go to his website Nurture Marketing and utilize some of his Free Stuff to see that it works.

Be sure to download: A Cure for the Common Cold Call – 21 Best Ideas for Making Prospects and Customers Call You First. You will find some great shared wisdom and also possibly experience the process.

Jim shares:

“People remember people who remember them.” (Marshall Field)

This brief book is about the nature of Nurturing. It’s about the awesome power that is released between people who trust, like, respect and appreciate each other. It’s also clearly about the application of technology to the philosophy of caring and nurturing. But this is about even more than that. With this compendium of thoughts, you and I can explore our vision, our goals, our market focus. I’ll share 21 of what I believe are the best tips I’ve ever found on nurturing loyalty with customers, prospects and all our critical business and personal relationships. These are among the best strategies of some of the most successful Nurturing firms, large and small, from all around the world. We’ll explore ideas, strategies, tactics and technologies those firms actually use in targeting, meeting, evaluating, aligning, communicating and serving their best customers.

You’ll find one fundamental belief woven into virtually every paragraph of this little booklet.


“As ye sow, so shall ye reap!” (Galatians)


I believe we’re all farmers at heart. Whether apples or customers, Unto all things, there is a season. There is a time to plant and a time to harvest.

Nurturing is a term I use to describe the experience your customers have at all their points of contact with you. In that critical span of time from planting to harvesting, Nurturing describes specific behaviors that ultimately make all the results of the harvest possible.

Like different crops, important prospects ripen at different times. The nurture cycle is, therefore, different for each crop and each customer. From prospecting to welcoming, to leveraging to recapturing, automated drip irrigation works best to nurture each client, one- to-one, during the various relationship developmental periods. This seems especially true in nurturing customer/client relationships. Seeds are planted. The prospect relationship must then be nurtured. When the time is right, the prospect becomes a client, the first sale is harvested, and the next phase of the relationship begins. Have you noticed that relationships are usually measured and defined by the perceived value of the quality and quantity of contact between the parties?

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