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Leave the first response June 4, 2008 / Posted in Mindful Business

Some thoughts and reflections from Tom Lane . I was introduced by long time friend and fellow runner, Toni Davies who has brought together an amazing team of senior Kaizen/Lean consultants, business and executive coaches linked together at Davies Consulting. I am pleased to be able to share some of his perspectives.

I don’t know about you, but I really get tired of reading all the blogs and the various feel good books about spirituality. All the calls to find your potential and “be in the now” and other glorification of the human spirit. I know, some of you are thinking, “hey, that is what you write about”. And I do a little, but I even gag myself when I sound like I am offering another one of those spiritual path books or papers. Let me explain the difference, at least from my view.

It is like when I used to consult. One of the first things I did was have executives do a vision of the “excellent waste free factory”. That was the easy part of the change process. The far more difficult is to break with the old mentality that created and continues to sustain operations as they are currently are.

Most managers and workers showed up and reacted automatically to the everyday problems and issues of operation. To slow them down a bit and get them to “see” how they worked and how that working kept things the same way, was an enormous challenge. The conceptual mind builds patterns of understanding and once these are built, the brain keeps repeating them, even when it is shown that they do not work very well anymore. It is the proverbial “rut” that we get stuck in.

At the personal level, it is the same. Reading books, attending seminars, listening to tapes or TV shows about our potential, our spiritual quest, our true identity, or other vision of our authentic being is just not going to get you there. It is like the managers always wanting to talk about the vision, but forgetting it in everyday life on the floor. More talk means nothing.

All there is, is the breaking of paradigm of thought. That means a separation of awareness from thinking. It means not thinking, but looking. It means……….. Now I am gagging myself since nothing at all that I write will ever enable anyone to do this. It just is not possible to intellectually grasp something that is beyond intellect. And, by the way, the intellect can not think of any good reason or logic to do this in the first place. Again, the same as when I consulted, the managers were all for the vision thing, but not for any personal changes on their part. What would be the point of that. The brain works the same way. All for the spiritual and potential, but not for losing control of your conceptualized life and identity..

So, why are so many people attracted to this “new age” spiritual movement anyway? I sense that since we all have that pure awareness inside of us, currently buried under piles and piles of conceptual overlay, it still speaks to us in a gnawing way. It is an itch for some that it wants to come forward into your state of being. But the conceptual mind only knows how to know, not how to see. So we continue to study, read, look for the answer and all the time there is only one thing to do. Break from you concept. Stop thinking. Just look.

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