For Executive Coaches It’s All About Asking The Right Questions

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Suzanne Livingston is a coach of Executive Coaches, a long time friend, and an insightful mentor. From Lee Thayer I learned that for leaders it is becoming a virtuoso question asker.  For leaders and executives it is about asking the right questions even when having the right answers.  It’s getting those that do the work to come  up with the best answers…that work…or move in the direction of solving the problem permanently.

These were the questions Suzanne laid in front of me:

Imagine what it would be like if you could love yourself completely… release the judge… release the pressure to perform. Imagine feeling totally loved and valued; needing approval from no one. Imagine being free to do what your souls is calling you to do. What would that be like? How would it feel? What would you being saying to yourself? Imagine…

Living as an authentic human in the word is how and where my best work comes from and how I can make my biggest contribution.

When I am authentically who I am transformation happens in people around me.

I can stand on the top of a pile of baggage and transformation can still happen.

In her work with Executive Coaches and company and organizational leaders she found that the large majority of all of us suffer from the feeling of “Not being enough” or being imposters.  The difference in them is that even with these feelings of inadequacy they take the next step; they chose the next bolt that moves them step by step closer to accomplishing what needs to be accomplished to do what needs to be done to get to where they intended to go.

I’m off to my next bolt.

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