A Reminder of Living The Five Precepts of Service

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A dear friend and one of the people I champion as she has been a hero to me and to many whose lives she has touched…and at times saved. She shared a piece of the journey that is now part of her odyssey. For me the odyssey conveys that what I knew in the past will not be the response to take me where I have to go.

I was reminded vividly of the simplicity of these five precepts of service. They are about living life fully: awake, aware, and mindful.

Powerful if you remember to live the story created by these five precepts of service from an earlier blog:

The First Precept: Welcome Everything. Push Away Nothing.
The Second Precept: Bring Your Whole Self to the Experience.
The Third Precept: Don’t Wait.
The Fourth Precept: Find a Place of Rest in the Middle of Things.
The Fifth Precept: Cultivate Don’t-Know Mind.

It is now November 2013 and in speaking with Frank he is doing some revisions on his work. One of the pieces he is revising is The Five Precepts of Service from 2007.  If you want to find out more about the work that Frank is doing in his own private teaching and consulting work you can visit his individual website.

Here is a list of Workshops being offered and information about the End-Of-Life Care Practitioner Program


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