Five Women (seeking with)Competing for The Picture of Life

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Diane Gallo, a friend of mine and the VP of HR at Vistagee send me a link that truly speaks about competition in its original and truest meaning. Competition come from “cum peto” meaning “to seek with. I’ve written about it in the past that to come in second or third may mean that I pushed the person who came in first to a level they did not realize they were humanly capable of achieving.

World records simply show us what a fellow human being is capable of doing or achieving.

In this instance I was moved by the human spirit of these 5 finalists in ABC and Prevention Magazine’s Picture of Life. These 5 marvelous women who are competing (seeking with each other) to see who is the winner of the finalists are all winners. Also winners are all the hundreds or thousands of women over 40 whose stories didn’t make it into the finals. Like the five finalists these other women moved and continue to move the hearts, souls/soles, and spirits of the people their lives have touch.

In our understanding of competing with others, we often miss the human spirit in true competition and see only winners and losers. It is about being in the game and being present, being mindful. I’m am not a loser if I have lost. I am not a winner if I have won. Rather I have lost at a moment in time or I have won in a moment of time. There will be a new moment of time in which I will again get a chance, should I choose, to participate. I will get the opportunity to see if I am able to be present in seeking with someone else. I will see if my best efforts for today were better than your best efforts today.

It says nothing about me at another time. Each moment is a present moment.

Diane has been touched by MaryKay Mullally. I saw what Diane achieved in running her first half marathon. And behind Diane was the coaching, training, spirit and inspiration of MaryKay through her Step Up For Life program.

For me all five finalists are winners. Will my vote and your vote be for the woman whose story moved us as individuals? Will I be moved to action? To do what is humanly possible for me?

Or it may be that it becomes a popularity contest or a contest of who was able to motivate the most people to vote for one particular finalist. If that is the case, I really don’t know who the winner is. If that is the case, then all five finalists are winners and the one who had the biggest network of contacts will win the 2008 Picture Of Life. Is it a vote of the heart? Is it a vote for ourselves to vote for the person who has or is moving me to become my own Picture of Life? Or am I checking a box because…someone asked me? For me it is about being awake, aware, and mindful of what is the purpose of Competition.

When we are finished, we are all in the biggest competition of all: The Human Race. These 5 women are models of what is humanly possible. I won’t tell you who I’m voting for after watching each of their powerful stories. I wouldn’t want you to do something because I did it or told you to do it. Rereading this teaching of Buddha will remind us of who to believe.

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