TEC Florida: Stories are an important part of Red Scott’s Leadership

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A Leader, A Blue Vaser, A Storyteller Extraordinaire

A Leader, A Blue Vaser, A Storyteller Extraordinaire

The intention was to write a chapter in a book on storytelling in business that Lori Silverman was editing for Jossey Bass: Wake Me Up When the Data Is Over: How Organizations Use Stories to Drive Results. Life got in the way and my choice was to give Lori an early warning that I would not continue with the chapter project. It was a good decision and the right decision. And Lori did a Herculean job of making the book a reality.

From that experience I want to share a short letter that Charles “Red” Scott, a dear friend and the owner of TEC Florida shared when I saw him as one of the possible leaders to write about and his use of storytelling.


Stories were a very important part of my leadership style at the many companies which I was either the Chairman, The President or the CEO.

I tried to give each manager or executive who reports directly to me:

1) a copy of “The Go Getter” booklet by Peter Kyne

2) a copy of the Abilene Paradox by Jerry Harvey

Check out the Abilene DVD at CRM Learning
They have a collection of top training videos.

3) a copy of my speech on the 8 Success Traits

As a result – a part of our short hand language or style became such comments:

      • Is he/she lucky?
      • Is he/she a Go Getter?
      • Are we about to take a trip to Abilene?
      • Is it clear to you that this project is a “blue vaser?”

Hope this helps. Best regards. Red

If you go the TEC Florida web site, and click on Red Scott you will be rewarded with his 36 Business Cardinals. A marvelous storyteller, Red will tell you that these 36 Business Cardinals were memorialized as a result of mistakes, errors of judgment and/or unfortunate experiences.

1. Don’t run out of cash – no matter what.

2. No surprises – give me fair warning.

3. Create basic values – not paper earnings.

4. Keep your eggs in at least 5 baskets.

5. The boss should be the head salesman.

6. Never get organized by a trade union.

7. Always tell the bad news first – never last.

8. Never compromise quality for price.

9. Concentrate on the customer – not the brick and mortar.

10. Don’t confuse brightness with judgment.

11. Plan strategy and set objectives before fixing structure.

12. Study the environment – things you can’t control.

13. Before making a “function” manager a CEO– first put him/her over a profit center.

14. Understand what really makes a company “tick.”

15. Be careful of “quick-fix” or “part-time” managers.

16. “About right” now is better than “exactly wrong” later.

17. Creativity is great – but not in accounting.

18. Only one big risk and/or “life change” at a time.

19. Always play “what if”.

20. A professional manager is someone who gets the job done.

21. Hire smart rather than manage tough.

22. Don’t put a new person (to me) into a new job (to him/her).

23. Do the “right thing” rather than “things right”.

24. Do 1st things 1st and 2nd things never.

25. Bet on a person – not a product, plant or idea.

26. Beware of making the successful “task” achiever a manager.

27. Invest in businesses with a low cost of exit.

28. Invest your time with winners… not losers.

29. Be careful – a little success can create a whole lot of overhead.

30. To understand a company, spend time with its customers.

31. The boss is responsible for the momentum.

32. I WILL beats IQ – every time!

33. Hire for attitude – train for skills.

34. Bet on a brown rat – not a white rat.

35. 87% of Executive failures are due to personality.

36. Light travels faster than sound. That is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.

You can access Vistage Florida’s archive of Powerful Business Ideas

TEC has been around now for over 50 years and the name still remains for the partners in Canada, Wisconsin & Michigan, and Australia. Here in the US the name changed a few years ago: Vistage International, the successor to TEC, and its global affiliates have over 14,000 members in 16 countries.

For me as a group Chair for 26 years, it is people like Red and his former Vistage Florida president, Chip Webster who inspire me in my work with CEOs and their executive teams.

The men and women who are fellow Vistage and TEC Chairs are truly a marvelous community that continues to work on being aware, awake and mindful in helping their members discover and uncover their own unique contributions to their companies, their communities and the world.

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  1. Elise Hunter said on December 19th, 2012 at 5:31 pm

    Ozzie, this is so perfect! I don’t know if Red saw it but he’d be delighted. And all that he said he did, was absolutely true (at least for sure in my case). I had a copy of the Go Getter and a Blue Vase on a sconce in my office for 12 years. I also am now in my home office, looking at my framed “8 Secrets of Success”.

    Red Scott is an amazing leader and man. And so are you, my friend!!!

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