Mindfulness In The Classroom Workshop -May 2 & 3: Oakland, CA

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Some of you who are teaching Mindfulness in grade schools might be interested in the workshop that is being done at Park Day School in Oakland.

The workshop, Mindfulness In The Classroom, is for teachers or those involved with grades K-12. The program teaches the practice of mindfulness and a sample curriculum for a mindfulness training course developed for children and young adults.

Park Day School initiated and developed the program at Piedmont Avenue Elementary School. You can heck out Park Day School’s website at the Community Outreach page to see an ABC video of the program.

Laurie Grossman is the Outreach Coordinator for Park Day School and together with Richard Shankman and Megan Cowan created The Community Partnership for Mindfulness in Education (CPME-a program of Park Day School) in order to bring mindfulness to Oakland Schools. Laurie, Megan and Richard can be contacted at the CPME site.

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