Running and Mental Health

Leave the first response December 21, 2007 / Posted in The Running Mind

Jen Lucas as part of her Masters Degree in Social Work at Cal State Sacramento did a project on Running For Mental Health. I remember receiving an email from her inquiring about the Running Therapy that I had been doing with patients since the mid-1970’s.

Jen completing her Project for the degree, in my mind’s eye, has been an ultramarathon in mindfulness which she has now completed. Now she moves forward in the practice of her skills of being present, the best Jen Lucas she can be, and towards her work as a Clinical Social Worker.

She sent me a copy of her project and I asked if I could share it with the readers of Mindful Running. With her approval, i’ve attached her Masters Project.

For me, it is a small tribute to Jen for her tenacity in completing her Project and all that she found out about herself along the way.

It is a reminder that the marathon still remains a marvelous metaphor in a modern world where there are so few rites of passage into adulthood. If you read Hollis’ book Under Saturn’s Shadow: The Wounding and Healing of Men you get a better understanding of the difficulties facing us into becoming adults in the truest sense of the word. To see what I mean, you might enjoy reading the blog piece I wrote: Seeking Personal Experience and Personal Authority that talks about Personal Authority which in Hollis’ words is: Finding what is true for oneself and living it in the world. And as we know much easier said than done.

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