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When I first was involved with rec.running back in the mid 90’s Ray was one of the early contributors.  I think you will enjoy his thoughts, reflections, and musings.

Lately, I’ve wanted to do a bit more writing.  Back in the day, I’d keep a journal, or work hard and try to get published.  Since it’s early in the 21st century, I can just add to the mass of stuff available for free on the Internet and call it “self-publishing.”  Ta-da!  Another blog! This one’s called “Y42K?”
Some days, “Y42K?” asks the question “Why run a marathon?” (For you non-runners, a marathon is 26.2 miles or 42 kilometers.) On better days, it asks “Why stop there?”

It’s also a play on Y2K (I was choosing a domain name back in 1999), and it’s sort of Shakespearian-sounding, so I though it was a good choice.  That lets you know the level of humor to look forward to when reading this blog.

Anyhow, the Y42K spirit is what’s driving this blog.  Some days, I’ll be tired or busy or just have nothing to say.  Other days, something will attract my attention and I’ll find the time to write it up.  And maybe you’ll find it interesting too.  Or maybe I’m just practicing writing and can’t bear to put it away without anyone else seeing it.  Whatever.

There will be writing on running and related activities, like beer.  In fact, today’s post mentions both those things.  But that won’t be all I write about.
Take a look.  If you like what you see, drop by again, and let your friends know.  If you don’t like it, tell your enemies. I expect posts will be sort of irregular, so I recommend using RSS to let you know when something new has arrived.  I use Google Reader.

It’d be great if something inspired you to comment on a post.  Your feedback will help me keep at it!

Ray Charbonneau
http://www.y42k.com or

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  1. Ray said on December 20th, 2007 at 9:44 am

    Thanks, Oz! Anytime you want to go snow running, drop by…

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