Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) – A Prescription to health

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I was speaking with a long time friend Steve Alper this week. Steve was the first group support leader in 1997 for the Scripps Ornish Reversing Heart Disease Program. I became the second group support leader in April 1997. The program was the precusor to what is now Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine (SCIM) under the guidance of cardiologist Dr Mimi Guarneri.

Steve, i believe was the first Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) instructor for Scripps Health. He continues to teach MBSR, consult with companies and organizations and is in the process of writing a book on Mindfulness and Psychotherapy.

The LA Times article last month: Doctor’s orders: Cross your legs and say ‘Om’ talks about MBSR’s growing body of research and how its acceptance in main stream medicine continues to spread.

Jon Kabit-Zinn who was honored recently by the Bravewell Collaborative along with 5 other Pioneers of Integrative Medicine . His leadership in the research with mindfulness meditation has grown from his Center for Mindfulness program in the basement of the University of Massachusetts Medical Center teaching pain patients how to cope into the Stress Reduction Clinic that has trained more than 18,000 patients. MBSR has now spread to over 250 clinic and hospital programs worldwide.

Dr. Lonnie Zeltzer, the head of Children’s pediatric pain program brought together 30 of her staff for a training day on Mindfulness. This was probably the impetus for the LA Times article.

“As a meditator, I learned the value of being present and how that allows clarity in processing our daily lives,” Zeltzer said. “The clinical team sees children with chronic pain who are very difficult to treat and have been to many other specialists and feel discouraged by the time they come to us. I felt that learning to meditate would help the team feel a sense of balance and equanimity in the face of the anxiety and distress brought to them by these patients and their families.”

Alvaro Fernandez, co-founder of Sharp Brains has a nice article in his blog on Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and other stress management techniques

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