The Nine Contemplations of Atisha

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What follows are The Nine Contemplations of Atisha. Atisha was born in india in the 11th century and studied under many teachers. He journeyed to Tibet in his early 50’s where he remained until his death. His discourses at Ngari over a three year period were compiled into: A Lamp for the Path to Enlightenment

You will find a wonderful guide at the Berzin Archives and also a collection of ebooks and audio lectures of Dr. Alexander Berzin

The Nine Contemplations of Atisha

1. Death is inevitable

2. Our life span is decreasing continuously

3. Death will come, whether or not we are prepared for it

4. Human life expectancy is uncertain

5. There are many causes of death.

6. The human body is fragile and vulnerable

7. At the time of death, our material resources are not of use to us

8. Our loved ones cannot keep us from death.

9. Our own body cannot help us at the time of our teach.

For further reflection Joan Halifax Roshi has written a meditation on The Nine Contemplations .

She is the Head Teacher, Abbot and Founder of the Upaya Institute/Zen Center

in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Here are some further practices of Roshi along with her articles, interviews and poetry.

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