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A few years ago someone turned me on to Mark Hale-Brown’s website: RunningMovies.com .  Mark keeps you up to date on any and all movies, DVDs, and videos that have anything to do with running.  As Mark’s motto says: Your ultimate resource for anything captured on film.You can check out all the films that Mark has featured from 2002 until today. He owns about half of the films he’s catalogued.

Mark has done a marvelous job in this labor of love. You can get an idea of how running continues to be a big part of his life…after family.

 While Raw Courage is a B movie, I saw it during the height of my marathoning and ultrarunning and got a kick out of it. Chanced upon it. It was a homo runnicuslikehellicus against homo paramilitus-motorcyclus. For years I mentioned it and no one ever heard of Raw Courage. 

 It was a tickle to see it listed by Mark and to see what the actors of that movie did later in their acting careers. Runners against a paramilitary group out in the Sangre de Cristo (Blood of Christ) mountain range of New Mexico.   Exciting challenge of wits.

Another film that had some great running was Run Lola Run.  I was able to slow down Franka Potente’s running in boots and you realized how smooth of a runner she is. Great form and style…and in boots.

Ian Jackson and I were talking years ago about running smoothly and lightly and he brought up a film of Abebe Bikila he had seen. It was Bikila running in slow motion. As Ian watched he talked about a drop of sweat rolling down Bikila’s face and watching it grow in size until it dripped off.  The picture I had as he spoke was the sweat droplet wasn’t forced off by the impact of landing or foot strike. Rather it was the gradual  increase of the droplet’s mass that caused it to drop off.  I pictured the smoothness, eveness, and flow of this runner.

Put some pictures in your mind of runners who have great form and style while running. Whether you favor the Pose Method or Chi Running, know they are among a small minority (and steadily growing) who are attempting to show the world that one can run easily and lightly over the face of the earth. One can minimize injuries and problems from running by learning to run in good form and style.

If you’re looking for film of some of the best runners to look at form and style, Mark’s site is a good place to start.



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