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Someone introduced me to Daily Om several years ago. It’s daily inspirations are a nice way to drip irrigate mind/body/spirit and allows me a few moments to reflect on Today’s Inspiration.

I’ve always liked the concept of “inspire.” From the Latin meaning “to breathe in.” In Latin the word for breath is: spiritus or anima. Greek: pneuma. Hebrew: Ruah. So in some way when one is inspired, there is spirit or soul that one takes in.

We banter about enthusiam and how enthusiastic someone is. The Greeks used the word: Entheos meaning the god within. So when someone burned with passion for something, one could see that they were inspired. Their spirit or soul was moved and they were “moved by the god within: entheos.

In mindfulness we are brought back to the present moment as soon as we focus on our spiritus, anima, pneuma, ruah…our breath.

I was inspired by these words “attitude of gratitude” by a friend, Laura Fine, who truly has “entheos” and “spiritus.” I met Laura in San Diego in a program that was to become the Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine. She had received a heart transplant and shared a story of being in Scripps Hospital waiting for her heart transplant.

Her story of laying there was moving as she realized that even a pebble at the bottom of a flowing stream moves the stream just by its laying there. So her laying there allowed those assisting her to stay alive until a heart was found was a gift that she could give to them, just by laying there, seemingly doing nothing. She allowed them to do good work.

There is always something to be appreciative of and grateful for.

You may want to see if the Daily Om is helpful to you to take a moment to reflect about the meaning of life and/or the meaninglessness of life; or the purpose or purposelessness of life.

Take a breath in and see what inspires or moves you.

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