Mindfulness: An overview

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Guilford Publications has excerpted the first chapter “Mindfulness: What is it? What Does It Matter? “from their book: Mindfulness and Psychotherapy edited by Christopher Germer el al. You can access the PDF file of Chapter 1 here.

It’s a nice summary if you or someone who has asked about Mindfulness wants an overview.
There are two exercises that Jon Kabat Zinn shares. The author then looks at various forms of psychotherapy and mindfulness’ relationship. Also you get a history of the development of Mindfulness and who has been involved in spreading a Mindful perspective to living.

Here are some of the comments of those reviewing the book:

Jack Kornfield, PhD

“One of the best books yet on mindfulness and psychotherapy. Well informed, clinically sound, thoughtful, practical, and provocative.”

Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD

“A landmark contribution to the emerging field of mindfulness-based interventions in psychology, psychiatry, and medicine. Contributors include psychotherapists with longstanding personal commitments to mindfulness meditation practice and its clinical applications, as well as a neuroscientist and a Buddhist scholar. Comprehensive, accessible, and full of illuminating case studies and mindfulness-based exercises, this book is likely to catalyze interest in mindfulness for years to come. It opens a range of different doors for mental health professionals interested in applying mindfulness in the clinical domain and in the cultivation of well-being, happiness, compassion, and wisdom. It will serve as a useful text in undergraduate- and graduate-level courses in positive psychology, clinical practice, psychotherapy, and human performance.”

Joan Borysenko, PhD

“When the history of 21st-century psychology is written, the introduction of mindfulness as an adjunct to psychotherapy will stand out like a beacon. This seminal volume is an expert’s guide to the field, while still being fully accessible to the beginner. It is invaluable both to therapists and to anyone interested in developing awareness, presence, and compassion. Mindfulness and Psychotherapy is bound to become a classic text.”

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