Mindful Folklore: In doubt? Read the Kalama Sutra

Leave the first response June 25, 2007 / Posted in Mindfulness

I talk about all my perspectives and reflections as folklore. Folklore to me means: If it works for you use it. If it doesn’t: Do not give me any power over you. Do not let me bother or trouble or upset or anger you. Do not waste a millisecond of emotion on my folklore.

If you find my folklore on mindfulness troubling, take a breathe. Go find someone whose folklore works for you and use it. Return to share so that I and others may also learn.

If you cannot find someone whose folklore on mindfulness works for you, then create your own. Return to share so that I and others may also learn.

When you are certain that yours or the person whose folklore you follow on mindfulness is correct and you find yourself defending it, revisit the Kalama Sutra to bring you back to the present moment.

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