Mindfulness Goes To School: People Leading the Way

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The New York Times had a wonderful article by writer, Patricia Leigh Brown, in the paper yesterday: In the Classroom, a New Focus on Quieting the Mind

It looks at at Piedmont Avenue Elementary School in Oakland as one of the many schools across the country that are adopting Mindfulness as a tool to assist students. To those who think it’s a California thing, Ms Brown mentions the 25 classes a week being taught in 8 schools in Lancaster, PA.

The article points to research going on in the area of Mindfulness at UCLA and Stanford.

The work at UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center (MARC) is lead by Co-Directors and Founding Members Susan Smalley, Ph.D. and Daniel Siegel, M.D. You’ll find his latest book The Mindful Brain “blends personal experience with scientific research, attempting to capture the spiritual as well as the physiological phenomenon of ‘mindfulness.'”

If you want an experience of Mindfulness downloard some of the Mindful Meditations by Diana Winston, MARC’s Director of Mindfulness Education. She has “brought mindful awareness into schools, hospitals, and nonprofits, as well as to adolescents, seniors, leaders, teachers, activists, and health professionals in the US and Asia.”

The article quotes two of the Mindfulness researchers at Stanford, Philippe Goldin, Ph. D. and Amy Salzman M.D. They are part of the research team of Stanford’s Clinically Applied Affective Neuroscience (CAAN) project. Two of their current research studies are looking at the benefits of teaching Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) to adults with social anxiety and to 4th to 6th graders together with their parents.

Dr. Saltzman has some links that look at Mindfulness in K-12 Education. Parents, teachers and school leaders will find further help and direction in their search about more information on Mindfulness here and also at MARC and CAAN.

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