Marathoning Images to Run 26.2 Mindfully

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Make an “O” with your middle finger and thumb
That circle is an eye hook
Please screw it the top of your head
Attached to that eye hook is a fine silk thread
Attached to the silk thread is a: Hawk, Hummingbird, or Butterfly
Please choose one.
Your totem hovers over your head during every run you do
It lifts your head
It helps keep your eyes on the horizon
It allows your shoulders to relax
It pulls you up and forward so you
fall gracefully from the ankles.
The only thing you need to do is lift your legs
You find you don’t bounce because your totem
is keeping you up so you only touch the surface
of the ground with each foot step.

You are now one with your Hawk, Hummingbird or Butterfly
It will be with you the rest of your life. There to keep you
straight, erect, aligned, in relaxed and calmed posture,
balanced and moving easily and freely over the surface
of the earth.


In the marathon after mile 15 or 16 you will
be in a trance state. Your mind is easily
suggestible. When you talk to yourself
use words that support you. If you use the wrong
words, your body is at mile 21 and your brain
is resting at the finish line or is back at mile 16
where you said: I can’t go on.

Relax Shoulders
Relax Eyes
Relax Jaw
Shoulders Relaxed
Eyes on the Horizon
Keep running form even if I’m walking
Relax hands
Run Light
Run easy


As you run your marathon, every 2 miles you will say
aloud to yourself: Relax Shoulders! And you will relax
your shoulders. It is important to say it aloud as 8 to 20 people
who are running near you wil relax their shoulders. Some
will even thank your and bless you for helping them
release the stress which in turn will take seconds or
even minutes off their marathon time because they
were free of that unnecessary stress. All thanks to you
saying aloud every 2 miles: RELAX SHOULDERS!


At the finish line is a gigantic electromagnet
placed their by Mindful Running and the
Sports Psyching Team. It’s range is about
6.3 miles. So when you get around the 20
mile marker, that electromagnet will begin
to attract your safey pins to the finish line.
You will feel its power and energy

All you need to do is
Use your eye hook
Top of the head up
Thank your hawk, hummingbird or butterfly
Keep eyes on the horizon
Relax Shoulder
Stay focused
Keep your form
and the electromagnet will do the rest.

See you at the RnR Marathon
Passing out: Hawks, Hummingbirds, and Butterflies

Go Team

Thanks Paul Greer and SD Track Club
Thanks Support Volunteers
Thanks Medical Team

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